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This is an efficient way to track your speed of service with many programmable options available. MFD Systems can help you to efficiently increase your speed and accuracy with the help of one of these innovative units.

HME Zoom Timer

The HME Zoom Timer's multi-color dashboard, customizable reports and network accessibility make HME Zoom Timermanaging your drive-thru easier than ever. This unit can provide you with a real-time picture of your whole drive-thru, so managers and crew can instantly identify bottlenecks and take immediate action. ZOOM’s user-friendly design makes it easy to set up and configure to meet your drive-thru operational goals. Multiple events are displayed at a single glance in text or graphical formats on the ZOOM dashboard display that is easily seen from anywhere, and easily configured to meet your preferences. Bright colors and easy-to-read graphics provide an instant picture of what’s happening. Real-time drive-thru management. Immediate feedback keeps crews motivated and running at peak efficiency.

Fast Track Timer

Fast Track DTIS provides multi-color graphs and visual indicators of when goals have been exceeded to maximize performance. Display Fast Track Timerpercentage of goal. Show average service times and other key performance metrics to motivate and reward teams on results. Fast Track PC software enables users to quickly download timer data, upload parameters, and generate reports locally or remotely. Produce reports with timing information by daypart, shift, day, or hour. Automatically email reports to keep other locations and/or management to keep them informed. With the Enterprise version, download data from multiple locations into a single file to create customized reports and perform detailed analysis of the performance of all QSR locations.

Tech's Tip

To figure out which pieces of your wireless headsets are working, take a headset with a good battery that you know works and try it with each one of your communicators and vice versa. This will help you eliminate the problem equipment. When you have determined which pieces of you equipment is bad, just contact MFD for a free shipping label to send your equipment in for repair.

Ion/IQ BeltPac



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