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Scent Experience

Scent can give you an experience, create a memory, and become your brand.


A new take on the classic fragrance oil reed diffuser, Scent Air has created a pre-scented stick that deliver a high-quality fragrance perfect for adding your favorite scent to rooms and other small spaces. ScentSticks are dry to the touch and do not require messy oils that can damage furniture. They can be prominently displayed or tucked away into existing d├ęcor items or plants, but their fragrance will be noticed immediately. ScentSticks contain high-quality fragrance oils and are available in dozens of scents.

Scent Stick Available Fragrances

Australian CoastBlack MinkChristmas MorningCinnamonFlower Shoppe
Fresh AppleHot Apple PieLavender WoodsPacific BreezeTangerine Sparkle
Candy CaneChocolate Chip CookiesCoconut BeachExotic ThuyaGrapefruit & Rosemary
Green FigMountaineerPink GrapefruitTropical CoconutWhite Tea & Fig


The ScentWave machine is a scent delivery system that uses a dry-air technology that releases fragrance without sprays, aerosols, or messy oils. It has adjustable duration and intensity settings and built-in 24 hour timer that makes it easy to customize the scent output for any environment. This unit will cover about a 2,000 square foot area and cartridges can be easily replaced, enabling you to change scents to coordinate with new themes or seasons. Call or email us for a list of scents, or to discuss getting a custom scent created for you.


The ScentDirect is ideal for creating ambient scent environments in medium sized business settings up to 35,000 cubic feet. This unit has a diffusion technology converts liquid fragrance into a fine, dry mist and releases it directly into the environment. The ScentDirect is designed to maximize the efficiency of scent delivery and cover a medium sized area with more intensity. The system is loaded with a bottle of fragrance oil that is easily replaceable. This unit also has multiple mounting options as well as variable cycle times and a 24-hour day timer with two event settings.

Contact MFD for scent samples, prices, and more information.

Tech's Tip

To figure out which pieces of your wireless headsets are working, take a headset with a good battery that you know works and try it with each one of your communicators and vice versa. This will help you eliminate the problem equipment. When you have determined which pieces of you equipment is bad, just contact MFD for a free shipping label to send your equipment in for repair.

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