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Drive-thru headsets can increase the amount of business that you have while decreasing the wait time. MFD is an authorzed 3M, HME, and Panasonic dealer as well as having an in house repair center.
We are here to take care of all of your drive-thru headset needs.


HME Ion/IQ Belt-PacThis unit is half the size of any all-in-one drive-thru headset on the market. The ION/IQ headset is very compact, lightweight and brings unparalleled balance and comfort to users. Its unique design means fewer moving parts and is constructed with diecast parts, for more durability. The Ion/IQ Headset has a directional mic that isolates sound better and is extremely clear. The coverage reaches into far areas of the parking lot, and resists dropouts and interference caused by stainless steel and walk-in coolers. This system also comes in the smallest belt-pac out there.


The 3M XT headset has crystal clear sound to help improve order accuracy and boosts customer satisfaction. This unit has noise-reduction feature that minimize outside noises as well as kitchen noises. It features acoustic echo cancellation which will reduce echoes and automatic gain control to help keep volume steady, while reducing interference with spread spectrum. The 3M XT system is available for single-lane and multi-lane configurations and has customizable messages that can be used to encourage up sell and improve productivity.


MFD Systems has an in house repair center that will work on many types of equipment including HME Ion's, HME Oddyssey's, HME 400's, HME 2000's, 3M XT's, 3M 1060's, 3M 960's, Panasonic 2050's, and Panasonic 3050's as well as most wired headsets. If you have any questions about your equipment or need a FREE RETURN SHIPPING LABEL to send in your equipment for repair, please feel free to call us at 1-800-241-6337.

Tech's Tip

To figure out which pieces of your wireless headsets are working, take a headset with a good battery that you know works and try it with each one of your communicators and vice versa. This will help you eliminate the problem equipment. When you have determined which pieces of you equipment is bad, just contact MFD for a free shipping label to send your equipment in for repair.

Ion/IQ BeltPac



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