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Order Confirmation Displays

Order Confirmation Displays improve the way you run your dive-thru.

Tx Digital CODMFD is an authorized dealer/installer for Texas Digital and installer for Delphi and Everbrite

The TexasDIGITAL AccuVIEW has LCD display technology to visually confirm drive-thru customer orders. It will also integrate with over 95% of POS systems. This Order Confirmation Display displays the items ordered, the item prices, running tax and total while delivering welcome images, scrolling text messages, and up-sell/cross-sell suggestive images. AccuVIEW also supports unlimited day-parts and has an internal clock so your OCB automatically shifts from one set of day-part images to the next during the normal course of the day

Order Confirmation Displays can increase order accuracy, improve Speed-of-Service, influence sales at Point-of-Purchase, reduce operating expenses, enhance customer satisfaction

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Tech's Tip

To figure out which pieces of your wireless headsets are working, take a headset with a good battery that you know works and try it with each one of your communicators and vice versa. This will help you eliminate the problem equipment. When you have determined which pieces of you equipment is bad, just contact MFD for a free shipping label to send your equipment in for repair.

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